SaferWorldbyDesign Webinars

High throughput safety evaluation of chemicals and chemical mixtures

Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - 16:00 CET

This virtual meeting will include a perspective by Bart van der Burg (Director of Innovation, Biodetection Systems) followed by a discussion session.

Chemicals are indispensable in modern daily life. Correct safety evaluation of chemicals in the context of the chemical mixtures to which we are typically exposed is essential to protect humans and the environment. The use of experimental animals in chemical safety evaluation is under pressure, not only because of ethical reasons but also because these tests are expensive, time-consuming, low in throughput, and often give unsatisfactory predictions of human toxicity. Modern mechanistic human cell-based CALUX® assays provide insight into the modes of action of toxicants and can be used as alternative methods to assess the safety of chemicals and chemical mixtures as relevant in any realistic exposure condition.   We have automated these methods for use in high-throughput panels to assess the safety of chemicals and chemical mixtures from any thinkable source.   I provide several applications that together can be used in green chemistry and to assure safety in a circular economy.